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You are busy living your life and taxes shouldn’t stop you from doing that. With our experienced team of accountants, you will be in and out allowing you to get back to what matters most–like dressing in cosplay as a Stormtrooper.

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With tax laws changing every year, it takes a tax expert to stay on top of all the new write-offs available to you. And wouldn’t you know it, at Tax 42 we are all a bunch of nerdy tax experts making sure you receive the maximum amount from your refund.

We are scary good.

Well maybe not as scary as the killer from Scream, but with over 20 years of experience filling over thousands upon thousands of tax returns, we have kind of made a name for ourselves. Don’t believe us, see what others are saying.

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See what others are saying

So very pleased with the services I received from Brenda at Tax 29. She was able to work with me remotely , most everything was done via email it was simple and easy.

Tina B.


I had my tax return done here for the pass 7 years ! They’re the best for price and quality.

Henry L.

Google Reviews

Very professional business, been going to them since 2010. Brenda and Jeff are amazing people. They answered all my questions.

Steve A.


They are the best! Very professional, reasonable price and good people. We relocated to a different state but still taking care of filling. Hello from Arizona.

Hiromi S.

Google Reviews